Sunday, December 8, 2019

Dresser Redo Plan B

I was mowing a lawn one day in our little village when the neighbor lady across the street asked me if I'd be interested in some furniture she had sitting out in her shed (You could say I have a reputation for taking everyone's junk!).  What to my wondering eyes did appear BUT THIS BEAUTY!  (And another gorgeous dresser that is currently in my guest room and you can see that HERE.)  Rough shape on the outside, yeah, but good sturdy bones and A HANKY BOX!  Seriously, why don't they make little lidded cubbies for handkerchiefs anymore on furniture?  Maybe since the world is bonkers for "going green", we should start a hanky movement.  I mean, it's totally green in more ways than one!  😒🤣

The paint was really chippy and peeling on top so my plan was to take all the paint off the top and refinish the wood.  I scraped and sanded and got so crazy frustrated with how stubborn some of it was that I literally walked away from the project for a whole year.  Every now and then I would walk by and put a little elbow grease in to it but it just wasn't being a sweetie to me.

Then I finally decided it had taken up precious space in my work shop long enough and had to get beautiful before the mice decided to move in and destroy it like they did the last dresser I let sit that long! I never did accomplish getting every speck off, the wood ended up being UGH, and I had to replace a strip of veneer along the edge where you see that painters tape.  I took the easy way out and painted the top with a creamy white.  Instead of having the antique white bottom with gorgeous refinished wood top, it ended up with a charcoal navy/black bottom with a creamy white top!

Those hideous plastic silver knobs obviously could not go back on, and the crystal knobs I wanted were too expensive so I decided to piece out this dresser a friend gave to me and the knobs were PERFECT once I painted them!
(The rest of the dresser got repurposed into cool hand painted signs and more.  I never waste!)

Even though it was not at all what I had originally envisioned and planned, I sure do love the end result!  Pretty sure you can apply the spiritual lesson in this. :)

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  1. Love to see what you have in store for someone else's "ugly" furniture!

  2. My husband and I both use handkerchiefs. I have my mother's, from the 50s.


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