Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stenciled Mirror

My mom needed a big mirror for her and dad's little cabin.  Gotta have someplace to apply the wrinkle cream.  
Fortunately, I have a stash.  Of about everything.  These came from Saint. Vincent De Paul  in Waterloo during my junkin' day with Laura from Our Prairie Home.  I wish I would have bought more!  
Mom requested it be white.  However, just "white" isn't acceptable.  I dug through my stencils and found this one I had bought in a pack and had never used.  It was just the thing!  I stenciled it with "battle ship gray" acrylic paint.
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  1. Super cute! And what a steal on the mirrors.

  2. LOL! That's awesome! Turned out great!

  3. Okay, that's just about as cute as can be. So much better than a solid color. It almost looks like you put wallpaper on it.
    I, too, Posted about a mirror today. A big beautiful round one that I got from Goodwill last year. I finally found the PERFECT place for it. : )
    Kudos on a good job!


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