Friday, March 19, 2010

Transform nice but out-of-date furniture in minutes!

So I like to save money. And be creative with "stuff" I have. And I also like to share all this with my friends and family through the ancient communication method of email. So today, as I was sharing my "money saving tip #54" which also happened to be a cool update to my bedroom furniture set, I added a p.s. "Would someone please set me up a blog? I think I need one! Haha". My wonderful hubby of almost 10 years calls me up upon seeing this email and asks me if I'd like a lime green background for my blog!! So here I am. Thanks, Tim! I think??

So with this being my first post, I am just going to copy/paste the previous stated email on here with the pics. A lot of my posts will be cool ways to save money and turn junk (usually furniture) into something cute! If your tastes are at all like mine, anyway! Comments welcome! Anyways, here tis:

So I was sick and tired of my out-of-date bedroom set. Made me go UGH, but knew I could never sell it for what I wanted. So instead of spending thousands of $$$, we spent somewhere around $50 on new drawer pulls (handles) and check out the difference just that one change made!!! I am now in love with my bedroom set again!
p.s. know of anyone who wants about 40 gold drawer pulls from the 90's?
p.p.s. can someone set up a blog for me? haha. I want one! :)



  1. Oh, and one thing I'm not good at is plant arrangements as you probably noticed the very sad looking one on Tim's dresser.

  2. How do you think my white french provencial furniture would looked painted a different color and new handles? Would love a change but can't afford it so I like what you did. Jean

  3. This is cool Kammy, looking forward to the tips ahead! You are just like your mother, so creative!

  4. very cute stuff Kammy! You were blessed with that "creative" gene. I'm still looking for one to purchase cheap and insert into my DNA! ha ha. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see new pics of the newest edition when she arrives.

  5. kammy we need to have a talk about one of your money saving tips, now i realize that i should defer to your ultimate cheap skate wisdom but i must take you to task on one thing in your list. Using a tissue more than once would probly save you you in a years time aproximatly $3.25, big money I know but let me explain, how it might not be nearly as big a money saving effort as it seams. Lets imagine that that kleenex that you had used happen to be back in the box or laying around and your husband picked it up and used it, likely contracting the sickness that you had than causing him to miss a days work, suddenly that $3.25 that seamed so big isnt so big anymore when he has to miss a day of work. I realize this may be a slight oversight on your part but I thought I would just point this out to you. I am proposing that this money saving tip be tweaked just slightly. Those of us in the agriculture industry have over the years had to do make do with little so a bunch of us agricultural speacalists have come up with a new solution. First place your finger on one side or the other of your nose and simeltanisly blow out the other side of the nose, repeat on opposite sides of the nose if need be. This will likely lead to never neading another tissue in the house again, now that is a money saving tip my friend


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