Friday, April 16, 2010

FREE by the roadside

Driving home one day, I spotted a garage sale in progress about 1 mile from our house. Note to self: "While daddy's putting the boys down for a nap, I'll ride my bike over and check it out". Self forgot the note. Later that night we are driving home when in the darkness I think I see the silhouette of furniture. I tell Tim to "STOP" and I hit the dashboard. Tim thinks we're about to crash some unsuspecting deer. However, I also spotted what looked like could be a FREE sign. With lots of black spray paint and some new fabric to cover the cushions.... here's my dining room table set!

Sitting in my dining room all finished!


  1. I got your card today when I bought some headbands from you at the WHS Craft Show, so when I was checking out all your crafty things in your blog I come across this one...That was our garage sale :) Looks great! The set was free to us 7 yrs ago glad to see someone else take advantage of it! :)

  2. Wow, no way! I always wonder in the back of my mind if the previous owners of my "before" projects will ever come across a blog about them! haha! :) Thanks so much for sharing - AND for purchasing some headbands!!

  3. I've enjoyed reading your blogs and comments and checking out all your decorating and craftiness! So love to find great deals for free and cheep and re-do them and make them look new. Great Job!


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