Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick back porch makeover

My mom came up to help with baby. Instead of twiddling our thumbs waiting for my water to break, we decided this drab porch needed a quick makeover. About the only expense to me was buying the fabric and foam for the cushion, and the fabric for the throw pillows. Here are the money saving tips from this room:

*White boxes on the shelf are diaper boxes with the front covered in a white wallpaper border
*Box on the floor to the right of the cupboard is from an old cardboard filing cabinet that we painted white.
*coral wall paint is left over from my mom's office.
*pegs for the boys coats are an old wood peg shelf I found at a garage sale for $.50. Just painted over the ugly hearts and teddy bears.
*silver coat rack was also from a garage sale, just spray painted it silver.
*throw pillows were old pink and purple pillows I had stashed in a closet. New fabric just got sewed over the top. Fabric was found on clearance for $2 at JoAnn's.
*window seat is made from old wood scraps from our barn and the shutters I bought in a Goodwill a couple years ago cuz I just knew they'd be cute somewhere!

This room still needs new rugs so hopefully I'm lucky enough to find some cheap and chic ones somewhere, also the wood pieces still need to be painted coral to blend in with the wall (mom took the paint home with her, rats!), and I need a good welcome sign to go on the wall.


  1. Looks awesome! Great job, love the ideas!

  2. Hey Kammy, This looks really, really great. You are a girl after my own heart! Went to my first garage sale yesterday and it made my heart go pitter patter...

    Porch is pretty but your sweet lil angel is even prettier! Congratulations!



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