Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thrifty Thoughts #6-10

6. I know, there's something about taking fresh smelling, warm clothes out of the dryer. But the dryer is one of the most expensive machines in our house! Hanging clothes out to dry is FREE! Well, after you purchase a "cute" umbrella clothesline (or rig up your own if you want to be really thrifty!).
Side note: I found a huge unopened bag of clothespins at a garage sale for 50 cents once. I still haven't used half of them.

7. Women, if the man in your house needs a haircut every month, that can add up. You wouldn't believe how easy it is to cut hair. If you're uneasy, go with him to the barber and watch. Then buy a clipper and experiment. haha. Just don't clip his ears - it can start big fights that could have easily been avoided! This is a big $ saver in our house since there are three males needing monthly haircuts! And now Daddy even does the boys occasionally.
8. Forget Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Head to the library where you can usually check out a movie for real cheap (Here in Jackson county, you get 2 videos for $1.00), and you can usually keep them much longer. PLUS, they usually have a nice family-friendly selection.

9. Cancel your newspaper subscription. You're online reading this, so might as well read the news online as well! You'll miss the ads you say? They're all online too! Plus, you may be less tempted to go into a store you haven't seen an ad for, resulting in less money spent!

10. Use grocery sacks as garbage liners. I only buy garbage bags for my tall kitchen waste basket, but the rest get a sack. The handles make it easy to pull out when it's full and then just tie them in a knot. I use paper bags for my "burnable" kitchen trash.
Side note: if you want to be real thrifty, you can just dump the garbage out of those bought-and-paid-for bags and reuse. This of course only works if they aren't "gunky" or torn. :) I can occasionally get 2 uses out of the good bags.

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