Friday, August 13, 2010

Thrify Thoughts #16-20 - vehicles

Special edition Thrifty Thoughts on our beloved automobiles.

16.This one is huge.  Never. ever.  EVER buy a new car.  Here's an analogy I heard once that should be enough to scare you away.  Imagine driving your new car off the lot (which loses 20-40% of it's value right there!) and every Monday morning on your way to work, rolling down your window and tossing a hundred dollar bill out into the ditch.  Is that going to add up?  My friend, that is going to add up.

For most people, this is a pride issue.  Will an older, used model that you can pay for WITH CASH get you from point A to B?  Yes.  Will it be good for your ego to show up in that not-so-new vehicle?  Heck yes.  Get over yourself. ;) Unless of course you have the means - to people that think 30 grand is chump cash, buy those new cars - we need you for our economy!  Otherwise, repeat after me: Cars are NOT AN INVESTMENT.  It is a depreciating asset.  If you don't have the money in your account for it, you shouldn't be buying it.  I realize there may be a few exceptions to this rule, since in this day and age cars are pretty much a necessity, and some folks will need to get a small loan.  Avoid at all cost if you can.

17.Grab a bucket, rag, and some soap and wash that vehicle in your driveway.  Got kids?  Have some fun with them while you're at it!  Your lazy rear doesn't need to sit in a magic carwash, and those dollars could be put to better use.

18.Don't trade your car in.  If they can make a profit on it, SO CAN YOU!

19. Combine trips.  You need to hop in your car every time you think of something you "need"?  It's only a few blocks away you say....   Yes, I am somewhat of a homebody.  But some of my "hermit-like" behavior is to save gas.  Need milk and eggs?  I phone the hubby and say to pick some up on his way home from work.  Can the grocery shopping wait for 2 days when I have a dentist appointment so I can make one trip out of it?  Yup, sure can!

p.s. if it is only a few blocks away - walk or RIDE YOUR BIKE!

20.Now this one I need to preach to myself.  I once tried this and the results were unbelievable.  In fact, they were so unbelievable I should probably test it again to make sure I did it right!  Instead of driving like a maniac, like every destination has the potential to get us a NASCAR trophy, drive conservatively.  I am aware this is supposedly a no-brainer.  However, when I actually practiced it (no gunning it when the light turns green, screeching to halts, driving 15mph over the limit, etc) , I got over 100 more miles on a tank of gas!!!! wowzers.

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  1. I agree w/ everything you say and my dear hubby, Paul, esp. agrees with what you say about driving conservatively....something that's hard for me to do!


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