Thursday, August 19, 2010

To my Faithful Followers and "THRIN"!!!

It was brought to my attention by a girl who calls me "Kams" that I'm being quite unfair to all of you who have NOT been closet readers! :)  And actually I was thinking about how unfair it was the other day while in the bathroom that I should have a drawing for the faithful followers, apart from the new ones.  Then I received an alert from lady-who-calls-me-Kams which confirmed the decision.  A drawing will take place in the next couple of days for you firsters (if I typed it, it's automatically a word) and you will also win greeting cards.  I would hold the drawing now, however my "name drawer" is at Grandma's house for the morning, getting spoiled rotten.

Which reminds me of a word that absolutely needs to be in the dictionary.  This is a Hayes original, and the word does not exist except for in the realms of my family and close friends.  Please get this word circulating so one day it can make it in to Websters.  The word is..... thrin.  What is a thrin???  Instead of giving you a definition of this beautiful much-need word, let me use it in a sentence or two.  "Sorry, I can't let the dog out, I'm in a thrin".  Or "She was in such a thrin, with the covers all pulled up around her chin and head buried in her pillow, that she just couldn't move to turn off the alarm clock."  Got the def yet?  An extremely, comfortable position.  Now go use that in a sentence today!
This dude's in a thrin!  Comment if you think you know who this is!

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