Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tour from Tori - my nursery

Hi. They call me Tori.  I got myself two big brothers and we just aren't into pink and frills, so can you believe the duds they got me wearing for this?!  Well, I'm about to take you on a tour of my crib, and you won't find a speck of pink in it (unless you peek inside the closet).  I'm going to let you in on a few secrets, since my mommy doesn't believe in "wasting" money.  However, she did fork over some moola for the curtain fabric since she said something about me being a girl... and she'd never done a nursery for the boys... shows how I rate in the family, huh!  The princess has spoken, folks!  Now then, let's start with my bed.  Guess who else slept in this bed?  My mommy!  The balls were bright red and blue, so of course, those had to get painted my favorite color, turquoise.  I guess she didn't care that they looked gaudy and out dated when my big brothers slept in there.  Grandma made my curtains which we hung on fancy rods found at a garage sale for $1.  Now that big wood flower you see hanging on the wall?  (Good thing there aren't earthquakes in these here parts!)  Mom just picked that up at the Homer Hogstravaganza craft show.  The guy gave it to her for $6, because he said anyone with that many kids deserved a discount.  Weird thing is, just my brothers were with her!  Maybe he had double vision.  Know what my garbage can is?  One of those big tins that once contained 3 flavors of popcorn - just what everyone on your Christmas list who is hard to buy for will receive.  She wrapped two rows of that paintable wallpaper border around it (left over from her bedroom, 7 years ago, of course).
Now on to the cool shelf Grandpa Scott made, so high I'll never be able to reach it!  Mommy put it on the "to do" list on one of Grandpa's visits from Iowa (and she wonders why he doesn't come to visit very often!).  See, she had these brackets she bought a long time ago at IKEA and told him to go dig around in the corncrib for some boards.  He wasn't satisfied with what he found.  Grandpa can be picky sometimes.  So Mommy pulled out this tall bookcase that was hiding in Tobin's closet and he took it all apart and turned it into my shelf!  Then we found some chair rail from the barn to complete the look on the other side.  There was just enough!  As for the flowers that decorate the top, mom plopped them in little clay pots which she bought at JoAnn's and spruced up with a stripe of teal paint around each one and finished it off by tying a strip of brown polka dot fabric around the middle.  My mommy has this really cool friend named Laura who likes to spoil me.  She came over one day and painted those white flowers on the wall, just for me!  If you look closely, you'll see the "hippo" bank on my dresser and not pictured is a very rad light switch plate cover.  Laura painted those too.   The little rocking chair, that hopefully I'll be big enough to use soon, was stashed away in the Jackson Antique mall.  It was kind of scary looking, but mommy painted it white with a cool brown flower. My vanity dresser and the music stand that holds all my burp clothes and other baby necessities are from my daddy's grandpa's house.  Mommy painted them white and I think they're pretty neat!  One last thing, the rocking chair mommy sometimes feeds me in was a freebie from a friend, who was too nice to tell great aunt Maggie Lou it wasn't wanted.  Everyone seems to have mommy's number on speed dial when they have stuff they don't want!
  It sat in the barn, ready for a "free sign" to be stuck on it, when Grandma Kim convinced mommy that despite it's "not so stylin'" looks, it was pretty comfy!  I'm glad she saved it.  I love to snuggle with her in it!
pictured: music stand on the left, freebie rocker, shelf on top from a dismantled bookcase, and white vanity dresser

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  1. Dear Tori,
    You are one fortunate little girl to have such a beautiful bedroom. If you learn half of what your mommy knows about being frugal and creative, you'll be a winner for sure!
    Sweet dreams little girl...


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