Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ladybug shelves

These wooden lady bugs you can buy at JoAnn's for 59 cents.  Already painted!  I hot glued them on to the shelf after painting it white.  Had this ribbon stashed away in my tangled up, disorganized ribbon box and glued that on, and then added the antique buttons, also applied with hot glue.
I have no place in my house that a ladybug shelf would not look ridiculously out of place.  My apologizes for the double negative.  But they are just so fun to make!  And they sell fast too, another reason I like to make them! :)  Take an ordinary shelf, paint it white and turn it into something cute - obviously you don't have to use ladybugs!  Sometimes I wish I had another girl so I could decorate with things other than footballs, basketballs, tractors, cars, airplanes, baseballs, you get the point.

More ladybugs from JoAnn's and more buttons from my antique button jar!

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