Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Monique

Many of my blog posts begin "I was at a garage sale...."  This one will be no exception.  I was at a garage sale when I saw her.  Actually my brother's next door neighbor's garage sale to be exact. He had  a headless, top half of a female mannequin.  Of course, I had to buy it. I mean, you know there's going to be a day when you say to yourself "man, I sure wish I had a mannequin right now." She has been hiding out in my closet for about 2 years.  She also likes to spook everyone out who looks in my closet.  I figure they probably shouldn't be looking in my closet anyway!  The time has come to get her dressed up.  Yes, she is now hanging in my hallway upstairs, on the wall.  Monique looks quite classy hanging there, in my opinion.  I'm going through my clothes and trying to detach my emotions from each clothing item to see if I can sell the garments that are hanging in my closet simply because "I just might wear them someday...."  So since Monique's figure is much more flattering than mine, she gets the duty of modeling.  And she does a swell job, don't you think?  One of these days I'm sure my hubby will make me take her down from her place of prominence and put the mother/sons photo collage back on the wall.

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