Friday, October 29, 2010

Goodwill storage bench B/A


After.  The blue paint really does match the fabric, though it doesn't look like it so much, here.  Hey, would I lie to you?
The thing with redoing furniture is you always have lots of stuff to choose from if you get tired of what's in your house!  I found the bench in Goodwill for $15.  About 5 times more than I like to pay for furniture!  But I haven't come across very many of these, so I snatched it up.  The bottom of the drawer needed a little reinforcement, but otherwise it was in great shape.  I recovered the seat, painted it white and blue, and the boys used it for a reading seat and toy storage.  Until one day the boys got a workbench and it was in the perfect spot....  so to Craigslist it went.  Made a nice little profit on it, too!  Always a plus!


  1. I never find things like that at Goodwill. It looks great!

  2. Great job. Posted about your work over at


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