Sunday, October 31, 2010

A few Kammy Kitchen Tips

STOP.  Don't throw that 'empty' jar of PB in the trash.  Put it in the microwave for a few seconds and all that yumminess stuck on the sides will melt down into an easy-to-pour little puddle.  Actually, you might be surprised at the amount of peanut butter clinging to the jar!  Can you tell we eat alot of peanut butter in our house?  That would be a 5 lb jar you're lookin' at.  We keep on hand 5 pounds of creamy, and five pounds of crunchy at all times.  Now my hubby would put this in the microwave and then pour it over his ice cream.  He eats even more ice cream than peanut butter.  How much?  You probably wouldn't believe it if I told you, so I won't.
Now I know this has been listed as one of my thrifty thoughts in a previous blog, but it's just such an awesome tip that I can't write kitchen tips without mentioning this one.  SHOWER CAPS! INSTEAD OF ANNOYING PLASTIC WRAP!  The dollar tree sells them - 8 caps for a dollar.  Oh they are wonderful.  Or, collect them when you stay at hotels.... :)
Broken blender?  Or just need a large liquid measuring cup?  My friend's blender was busted and I rescued this from the garbage.  A standard size jar lid fit on the bottom perfectly and now I have a large liquid measuring cup - perfect for when you want to make a double batch of chocolate chip oatmeal muffins.

Use the edge of stickers for labeling things to go in the freezer.  When I finish a page of stickers, or these address labels, I stick them in my kitchen drawer and when I brown up extra meat, or freeze leftovers, I have a quick label handy.  Who says it has to look pretty?  CHEEEEEEAP, I know!!!

Ever eat chinese?  Save those chopsticks for leveling off dry ingredients.

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  1. Why not just use a butter knife to level off those dry ingredients? Space is a huge issue in my kitchen. Just wondering. Love your stuff and ideas though!!


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