Monday, November 1, 2010

Kam's Baby Kards

inside reads:
         Life will never be so precious,  Love will never be so real.
What a gift, What a blessing, What a miracle…
Congratulations on your new baby

Mailed off an order of handmade baby cards last week.  Baby cards are my el favorito to make.  I don't know if it's because new life is more exciting to celebrate than turning 30?  Yes, that's probably why.  I think I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than turn 30 in a few months.  I can hear my sister-in-law now.  "I'm another year older, and it just gets better and better!"  Wow, she sure knows how to make me feel guilty!  Life is wonderful and God has blessed me me above and beyond.  But I sure like my 20's!  Goodness,  I sure loved being 16, too!  Wasn't that the best age ever? I think I just may be in the minority on that one....  Back to the cards, maybe it's the fun little baby feet punch-out I have fun using.  At any rate, if you'd like to order cards at just $1.10 each plus $2.50 for shipping, shoot me an email at with the occasion (birthday, baby, get well, etc), quantity, and your address.

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