Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Den

I liked my den.  But it lacked some.... coziness?  symmetry?  I dunno.  It just lacked.  So I went shopping in my barn.  Yes, I have so much furniture stashed in my barn that when I get tired of something, I head out to the barn and swap it out for something else!

The wicker storage box thingy that sat on the left side of my loveseat was hard to give up. It held all my baby's diapering needs!  And kept it well hidden too!  It's not quite as inconspicuous now, but still looks neat and tidy in the basket tucked under the end table on the right.  Jana,  from
, feel free to critique or offer me any more tips for this room!   It's intimidating knowing there are actual interior designers out there that I'm friends with.... haha
Now this here, is a pillow sham.  My mother-in-law came over one day and said she rescued it from my sister-in-law's garage sale because she just knew I could do something with it.  I thought, "well yeah, it's pretty cool, but I have no use for that!"  We were having guests so I tossed it over the loveseat to get it out of my way and the rest is history.
Just how cool are these lamps??  $4 is typically way more than I would ever spend at a garage sale on a lamp, but these were just so fantabulous - and they didn't need paint or ANYTHING!  That folks, is a rare find.

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