Tuesday, November 9, 2010

afternoon walk = beer bottle arrangements

Before I begin, please note that I am not a consumer of beer!  Ugh.
The weather has been phenomenal here in western Michigan the last couple of days.  My mom and I took advantage of this warmth and sun and wrapped Tori up in her adorable little puppy jacket and strawberry hat and put her in the stroller.  I always put a plastic bag in the stroller for picking up pop cans.  Here in Michigan, the bottle refund is 10 cents!  Woo hoo!  But not only did Mom and I find a good amount of pop/beer cans/bottles on our walks the last couple of days (ice cream money, yo), but we found a whole crop of hedge apples!  How cool is that?  They sell for at least a buck a piece in the grocery store!  Also, some really neat "weeds" that we made some cool decor with using bottles that didn't have labels.  (No refund money for label-less bottles!)  We had so much stuff we ended up carrying the baby cuz it was easier to stash all our stuff in her stroller!  Check it out:

Some of the ditch discoveries!

One of the results of humbling ourselves and digging trash out of the leaves and picking dried weeds. :)


  1. only you Kam...LOVE IT (as always)

  2. Wow, that is awesome. I would never have thought of using weeds and thrown out bottles in that way. Kind of makes me want to see what is near the road by our house...

  3. You are too funny Kammy! Very creative!

  4. Kammy, your blog is like the opposite of my blog, but I love it! You are so artistic and so talented! Many kudos to you!!! Lisa

  5. The beer bottles are the perfect color for fall arrangements.

    Osage orange is what we called them growing up in Kansas.


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