Thursday, November 25, 2010

Buy a turkey. Now. And lots of them!

Buy an extra freezer if you have to!  This is the one time of year when you can get the cheapest meat on the planet.  Okay, maybe not planet, but we'll go with in the US.  If you live in other countries, you are more than likely consuming goat meat.  What?  Didn't you know that goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world?  I'm not sure what I'm missing out on since I don't believe I've ever had goat meat.  Unless that's what that unidentifiable meat was I ate sitting on a dock in Belize...  I've always wanted to raise goats to sell for the meat.  My neighbor actually does! So maybe this is why I was never a writer? I start out writing about turkey and get side-tracked with goats!  Back to turkey.  At my local grocery store this week, you can get it for 49 cents a pound.  It's hard to find ground beef for under $2 these days!  And In Meijer, you can get it for as low as 29 cents/lb.  Well, could.  I made the mistake of waiting until yesterday to get mine.  They were gone.  They told me to come back in an hour.  I did, waited another 1/2 hour, and then the truck only brought the Butterball brand which were NOT 29 cent/lb!  Grrr..  So this morning, thanksgiving morning, I'm heading over to my small local store and getting another 49 cent one.  I have to make so many trips because you're only allowed one per visit.  But the possibilities with all this turkey meat are endless.  You do not need to make it for a huge traditional turkey dinner.  Rather, cook it someday when you're home, and then tear all the meat off the bone and  fill several containers with the meat and freeze it.  This makes for SUPER CONVENIENT meals in the future!!!  Next time you're craving Cheesy Turkey Baked Burritos, one of your steps is already done.  Pull a container of turkey meat out for soup, stir fry, tacos, pasta dishes, etc.  I will be posting more recipes to use up your left over turkey soon. 
Until then, Happy Thanksgiving and while you're stuffing your face, remember to be thankful for all the blessings that we enjoy, and if you know your sins forgiven, thank the Good Lord above for ever making the ultimate sacrifice and paying the price of our punishment so we can be in Heaven some day!

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