Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I look like WHO?!!!!!

We have this very large book that is a compilation of Disney stories.  My sweet little Tobin always used to say things like "That looks like you, Mommy" when he'd see a picture of one of the blond Disney princesses.  (Hey, I know I don't look like that, but blond and blond, ya know....)  He always got my "awww, you're so sweet" reaction regardless if I really look like Sleeping Beauty or not.  So not long ago, my 2 year old, Ty, is looking through this large book (a very rare incident indeed -Ty sitting still with a book?!) and I hear him repeating over and over (very emphatically, I might add) "That's Mommy!!  That's Mommy!!"  He's so excited about it, I decide I'd better go respond.  I start to give my "awwww" response, when I see what I think might be a snicker on my sweet hubby's face.  I look down at who my little boy is perceiving to be my twin and it's........ TARZAN!!!!!  Bubble is burst.   All I can figure out is, it's gotta be the muscles!!  Or the spear I threaten my kids with??  Er, just kidding....

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