Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ceiling Appeal

Give your ceiling the illusion of being tiered with paint and chair rail! Please ignore my ginormous plant in the corner.  It's hibernating over there for the winter until it can resume it's spot outside on the patio. (Click HERE to see the pictured dining set before and after which was found on the side of the road!)

Who says your ceiling has to be white and boring?  Well okay, so most of mine are.  Mostly because I'm not brave enough to take that step of painting on the ceiling - it seems so... permanent, a step over the edge, something your grandma's generation would have never done (and that alone should make you tremble)...  But about a year ago, my dining room got a complete makeover and today I'm going to share my favorite part of that makeover - the ceiling! Maybe someday I'll get super brave and do something to some of the other extremely boring ceilings in my house.  Until then, here's one idea for your ceiling.  Please share a picture with me if you have any fun ceiling ideas!


  1. I LOVE that idea! I once installed two sheets of thin plywood and trim around in the dining room to give the same affect; your idea is much easier, but then i was trying to hide holes without having to re-drywall the entire roof! lol

  2. Oh wow! This is fabulous! I love the look and the low cost. Fantastic idea. I will be featuring this at Grab my "featured' button.

  3. Great work! Looks fabulous...especially that ceiling medallion!

  4. This is an incredibly talented idea! Love it!! Would you mind if I blogged this and linked people back to your site? Let me know @ xoxo


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