Saturday, November 20, 2010

Your Amateur Photographer

I take a lot of pictures.  Pretty much because I have three little children that I just adore.  So naturally, I think I have to have a picture of them with their cute hat on.  When they have cake smeared on their face.  When they're sitting on the potty chair.  When they're having a bath in the sink.  When they're smiling.  When they're crying.  When they use diaper rash cream for hair gel.  But I was surprised when a girl asked me if I would take her senior pictures for her.  I mean, I've never attempted such a thing, nor do I have the equipment that goes along with such endeavors.  But we ran around yesterday afternoon in the freezing cold and wind with my little digital Canon Powershot (I didn't even know that's what it was, I had to look on my camera!) and after I did a little finagling with color and such in Photosuite, here is a sampling of the results.
Hey, Hubby, maybe a new business?  JUST KIDDING!!!  DON'T PUNCH ME!! 

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  1. Great pictures, Kammy! They look great. What a service you have offered to someone who probably couldn't afford professional pics. But they look just as good! So proud of you for trying something new and using your talents for the Lord!


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