Friday, December 3, 2010

Tired of his Ties?

Girls, you can wear them!  But not the traditional way... how about a tie skirt?  This is not my idea, but I sure wish it was.  My sewing machine usually stays hidden in the closet and only gets pulled out when my mom is visiting since I usually want her to sew me some curtains or make me a dress....  the night before she leaves on her eight hour drive back home.  Anyways, this was created by Charitina from a town called Garnavillo. It's in Iowa, where it's anything BUT FLAT. I'll bet half of you reading this wouldn't believe me if I told you how hilly it was!  Most beautiful countryside ever.  Back to the ties - if anyone has an abundance of brown and green ones, send them my way. :)

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  1. ha ha i made one of these in highschool and wore it in some of my senior pictures.


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