Monday, January 10, 2011

Sortin' through the christmas cards

You can't save EVERYTHING.  Yes, I'm slowly learning this.  But you can't just TOSS everything, either!  Here's what I do with all those Christmas cards/letters/pics that I get from all my wonderful family and friends.
I put them into one of four piles.  Here's how I sorted the piles. Pile 1. Keep all photos to put in a photo album.  I can't make myself throw away beautiful smiling faces.  Pile 2.  Christmas cards that have no "reuse value" and letters that used every square inch of paper to tell us every square inch of how their lives went down in 2010.  Pile3. Christmas letters that have a blank backside to use for printing coupons on.  Pile 4. The cards that are made of nice cardstock that I can cut up and reuse, or cut out a cute picture, etc. to create new cards with. 
Back side of a christmas letter
And this Christmas card (Shout out to Big Johnny, Paula, Steve and Randall) was recycled into not only the two cards below..... but has lots more life left in it for other cards!!  (can you figure out what part was used for the birthday hat card?)


  1. love it! guess what I've done with lots of my wedding cards:):)

  2. your wedding cards?! Wow, I haven't been brave enough to touch those, I think I still have them all - intact. :) Can't touch Tobin's baby cards either.... But hmmmm.

  3. just came across your blog! what wonderful ideas you have ! and I see you are a sister in Christ as well! :) excited to have a new blog to follow. ~ ELisha
    Grown By Grace at


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