Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hair Bow Display

So I did a VERY last minute craft show last Saturday and wanted a way to display my new hair clips.  My friend who is cleaning out her house just keeps lavishing me with these wonderful treasures - like a table top art easel!  So I thought it would be great to use at the craft show.  I took a plain 16x20 canvas and used a staple gun to secure a wide pink striped ribbon on the back of the canvas frame - top and bottom.  Gave it just a little slack so the clips would slide on easy.

I considered covering the canvas with some funky paper or paint but I think leaving it white makes the colorful clips just POP.  And I love pop - specifically Mountain Dew. :)  Mmmmmmm.


  1. So did you sell mostly clips, headbands, or something else? A little birdie told me you did pretty decent, but I am curious to know what sold the best:) And they do POP on the white, oh and we cannot get Mt Dew down here, BOOO:(

  2. Mostly headbands, actually! I sure thought more clips would go, but the headbands went pretty quick. So glad Laura was there with me. She's a good model, a good sales person, and she made a cool slide show on her laptop of girls in big flowers and bows from pics she had on her computer.

    No Mt. Dew, but the COKE is yummmmmmy in MEX!!! :)


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