Friday, March 18, 2011

Texts Worth Getting

You know what that picture is of?  It's two HUMONGO pieces of chocolate cake from Fazolies.  And we didn't pay a penny.  There are some things worth signing up for.  And one of those is text message alerts from Fazolie's.  Just for signing up, they send you a text for a free spaghetti.  No other purchase necessary!  That's my kind of free.  None of this Buy One, Get One stuff.  I want to be able to forget my wallet at home, and not have it matter.  The week before the superbowl, my hubby and I both got a text saying if we voted for the team we thought would win, we'd get a free spaghetti.  We showed them the text, each got our huge plate of spaghetti, then forgot to vote.  So this past Tuesday we both just randomly got a text saying to come in for a free desert!  I guess it was a "Happy Spring" celebration!  Hey, I'll raise my fork to that!  So we walked in, held up our cell phones and got our free deserts.  Free ice water too. :)  Now folks, if you're going to get texts, might as well get some that are WORTH GETTING! 
Stay tuned for lots of new before and afters - I've been spending quite a few hours in the barn working on furniture!  This weather has got me allllll hyped up to get some projects done!!!

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