Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ladybug Party For a Little Lady

It's a Party!  Tori Turns One!!  (I threw those together around midnight, so they're nothing special!)

"Mommy, can I pleeeeease paint?"  "Why, yes, yes you may, Tobin!  We need ladybug rocks for the party!"
Trying to keep her occupied while I frosted the cake.  She was occupied!! :) 
Our lady bug rocks made cute decorations around the cake!
I am NOT a cake decorator.  I was nervous to do this myself, because I've never done one without help, but I figured it was about time I step up to the plate and be a "good mom"!!  I mean, don't all good mommy's out there decorate their kid's cakes??  (I'm only joking of course....)
Since I'm a professional procrastinator, I waited until two days before the party to look for some plastic ladybugs.  I wanted them to make a special hairbow for Tori and a matching one for Mommy.  All I could find was a plastic bag of bugs, which contained one awful looking ladybug.  So I decided to use the bugs in the bag, and make my own.  Now if you're an entomologist, you might be horrified.  (If you think I actually knew the technical term for a "bug studier" you'd be wrong.  Google and I are tight). 
Happy Birthday my feisty, sweet, darling daughter!!  Grandma Ann brought her the cutest ever little ladybug dress!  I'm sooo counting on the "spray n' wash" to take the lasagna stains out!!!

Tori got the one and only ladybug in the "bug bag" for her hair clip.  However, I had to add 2 black spots, make the head black, and add the black line.  Man, don't they have ladybugs in China?  I thought about going around my house and collecting them in jars for center pieces since I have such an abundance of them that I don't even bother to kill them anymore.
Now for the next party....  my boys will be 3 and 5 in June.  They've been hinting at a "bug" party....  And no thinking about it, if bugs are the theme, there WILL be real bugs in jars for center pieces!!


  1. LOVE IT KAMMY!!!! The cakes look well as everything else! She is such a sweetie....miss her and you! Let me know if you need help making the cake for the boys this year was fun last year!

  2. so cute!!! love the ladybug cake. great job. winks- jen

  3. One year when my November kids turned 2 and 4, I made a Turtle cake, not Ninja Turtles, just turtles. I had enameled bowls that could go in the oven that I used for the head and body/shell. I think cup cakes made the feet. I dyed store bought white frosting with green food color. Made some brownish too. The kids are 19 and 21 now and that is still one of their favorite birthdays. Kids are very forgiving about details...mine could give credit for the concept and effort. For the bug cake, how about twizzlers for legs?


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