Friday, May 6, 2011

My Brand Spankin' New Laundry Room!!

Dear brand new UPSTAIRS laundry room,  I haven't used you yet, but I know I'm going to double heart you.  You will make me countdown the hours until laundry day.   Love, Little Miss Housewife.

So.... this is what happens when you mix your own paint color.... AND DON'T MIX ENOUGH!!  I did an impromptu free hand checker/plaid/striped something-or-other pattern to hide ummm stuff.  I sent this pic quick to a friend, my sister and my mom.  My sister said it was "interesting.... but not in a good way".  My brutally honest pal Maran (which is one reason I love her so!) had this to say "it looks kind of like a hazy checkerboard. hmmm... not sure i like this one. STOP under mixing kammy!!!!!!!! dork :)".  Well.......  I think it turned out maybe a leeeetle cuter than she thought it would???  I added this to the wall:

I painted the word LAUNDRY, but of course it was "BORING" to my super artistic over-achiever mother and as you can see her hairy arm in the picture decided to fancify it!

A few minutes later (yes minutes, people), it looked like this!

Does it look any better Maran?

It still needs some shelves and what-not for my laundry paraphernalia, but let me know what you think!  And you can be Maranishly brutally honest with me - I promise not to be offended! :)



  1. love it, Kammy. i think I need your friend, Maran, to come to my home and be brutally honest with me. I want to make changes, I just can't "see" the change I want. Lois Pike

  2. Good interesting. I like the blue and white. At first I thought you had made somebody tile all those angles and slants and thought that was really mean. When I realized it was painted I liked it better cause then it seemed like fun and the not perfect/even part added to the charm. I live in a house with one level, but if I had multiple levels I would want laundry on the floor with the bedrooms. Did you prime white and then sponge the blue or did you tape or did you freehand? Which color came first? Will there be closet doors in the future? Personally I think it makes a utilitarian space look cheerful. Unless Maran spends alot of time helping with laundry, I think your opinion counts more. Your Mom is very talented with shading and highlighting and faux wood sign accents. Yea Mom! Happy Mother's Day weekend to you all.

  3. Looks great, Kammy! If my laundry room looked like that I wouldn't mind doing laundry either!

    You won my giveaway last week! Send me an e-mail with your address and I'll get your stuff mailed right out to you.


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