Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marie's Window

Beautiful, isn't it?  Me and Marie.  We got a lot in common.  Ummm... wait a minute.  Should I admit that?  Just kiddin', Marie. :)  One of those is our love for junk, like old windows.  And I covet this one every time I see it.  Ain't it just gorgeous in her Granny Smith Apple Green kitchen?!  And don't ya just love the little white shelf/sconce thingymabobber?  Too darlin'.  Yes, I'm being a cheater and not posting one of my projects.  I'm in the middle of some MASSIVE ones though and will hopefully be able to blog about them soooooooooon!  Toodleooooo.


  1. Love that window, what a clever idea to put the sconce on it. Love that apple green wall too!

  2. I am just getting loads of ideas and excitement from your posts. I have a years worth of fix'er up projects, that in in a week I will be retiring from work and will have time to get started! whee!

    ps love your family photo!


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