Friday, May 20, 2011

My New Chairs - before and after!

Casey, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!  Casey.  Was it with a "C"?  I know I asked, but why do I even bother when I can't remember squat.  Casey is another of the REALLY SAWEET dudes that works at the all new Jackson Resale Factory.  His equally studly bro, Ben, gave me a sic deal on these chairs.  Just perfect for my new "coffee sitting area".  I think coffee is disgusting by the way... so if you drink it, you must be disgusting too.  Just kidding of course.  I won't judge.  ON TO THE CHAIRS.
Hello BEFORE picture.  Straight from the Jackson Resale Shop (Click HERE to visit their Facebook Page!).  Someone did a swell job cutting some wood paneling to fit the seats just right.  Made my job easier. Just had to find some cushions!
Ya know, you can ALWAYS find what you need at a garage sale.  Have I mentioned that before?  Need Windex?  Garage Sale.  Need clothes pins?  Garage Sale.  Cushions just the right size for some thrifted chairs?  Garage sale.  (AFTER I bought some for $$$$$ at JoAnn's since I got in a hurry and didn't wait for the garage sale at Pope Church the next day!  Good thing I actually hung onto the receipt.)  These were $1 each.  Well, the top ones.  I paid slightly more for the bottom ones at Cash and Carry.

I only had to buy fabric for the top and sides of the cushion.  Trying to save money, yo.  Believe it or not, I got FREE fabric last year when I picked up a plastic container on the CURB in Parma!!  It had some crusty edges that I had to cut off....  HAHA, but it worked PERFECT for what I needed it for!!  Especially since the blue fabric at JoAnn's I was going to buy rang up to $20 a yard!!!  I.  Think.  NOT. 

Thank goodness for my mom visiting from Iowa who actually knows how to use my sewing machine!!  Oh and notice...  Free Tea Cart hand-me-down from a friend.  Free old window from another friend.  Wanescoting salvaged from my old laundry room.  Scoring all around here, eh?  I say "eh" alot.  My 4 year old always asks me if I'm Canadian.  "Eh" is just a good word, those Canadians actually have that going for them.  I think the top cushions need a big fat button in them still, like the bottom ones have, but now the question is....... to paint the chairs or leave them???  What is the consensus?  And the tea  cart?? Was wanting to originally shabby chic it white.... but do you think it would get lost on the wall?  Feedback please!! :)
Oh, and that fabric by the way???  TOTALLY not what I had in mind.... but I found that amazing orange light in a thrift store and couldn't pass it up so my colors suddenly had to include orange.  Cobalt blue and orange.... I think it works. (cuz what you don't see is my cobalt blue bottle collection on a high shelf over the sliding doors on your left!)  ummm???



  1. These are super, super cute! Love the fabric. Great vision!

  2. Ha ha.. I am one of your secret admirers but when I see my wheeled Tea table I just have to comment! :>) Looks great in YOUR house !!:>)

  3. I'm such a fan of your site and I also LOVE the look of natural wood,and those wood pieces look like they are in such great shape, so I can't believe I'm going to suggest this...BUT. I'm not sure it goes well in that amazing room with all the painted wainscoting and gorgeous gray walls?? Maybe a darker shade of gray like what is in the photo collage?? Not sure....maybe even charcoal"ish"??

  4. Hi Kam, I love the chairs as they are because they match the fabric so well, they are beautiful!
    A coffee corner is a fun idea!! I love coffee as long as there is flavored creamer!! :) Also love the door clock!! do you rearrange a lot to make room for new treasures? That's my problem NO MORE ROOM!!

  5. I would totally paint the chairs white and distress them a bit and then leave the tea table natural.....the color wood of the tea table matches some of the shades of brown in the seat cushions!! Love it! I'm totally jealous of those chairs, I need a coffee corner! =)

  6. I LOVE the chairs--adorable--and I would leave them wood as they are. I would paint the tea cart turquoise or some other blue thats in the chair fabric, and heavily distress it. It will pick up the blue tones in the gray wall, as well as your accessories. Check out Miss Mustard Seed for inspiration...she does geat pieces in color. Great color on the wall. Well done!


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