Monday, May 30, 2011

Thanks For The Word Wall Art, Mom!

I have been privileged to have my parents here AGAIN!  Sunday night we were hosting a large gathering at our house and I really wanted a verse or something painted on this specific spot on my wall.  So of course.... an hour before we gotta be ready.... "Ummm Mom?  Don't kill me, but.... will you.....?"  She rolled her eyes, sighed, and asked for a paint brush.  We typed out our piece on the laptop in the font and sizes we wanted and shot it up on the wall with a projector.  Now my mom is a brave woman.  She's also prone to accidents.  Know what?  That ain't a good combination.  So as Tim put a board across the top of the knee wall for her to perch on and paint from, he said to get a towel for what came out sounding like "so when she falls, she won't mess up the wall".  (I guess he meant to put under the boards so the boards wouldn't mess up the wall.)  :)  Needless to say, she was pretty mad at son-in-law for caring more about the wall than her!!  Oh, he really does love that woman. ;)  So here's how it went down, and how it ended up! 

Either you need to drop a few pounds, Mama, or your son-in-law needs to find some less flimsy boards!  (just kiddin' bout the weight!  She's had to sew her pants in since she's been here!)

So with it being Memorial Day and all today, we've all been reminded of the sacrifice so many have made for us in this country.  We should all be grateful and are deeply indebted to these men and woman who have and are currently serving!  It made me think that posting about this wall art was so appropriate today thinking about sacrifices - since the Lord Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice.  HE paid a debt he did not owe - mine!  Has he paid yours?   (Click HERE to read about the old cupboard door clock!)  


  1. Lovely wall words. Is your mother up high over a staircase? Oh my gosh, I couldn't do that-to scary.

  2. I KNEW there had to be a way to do the wall text w/o paying big $$ for it, especially since I can't find the texts/words I like any how. You say you projected it up on the wall; did your mom then trace that projection out? Or how exactly did she do it? It looks really good!

  3. What a beautiful wall! It looks so good next to the clock you made!


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