Monday, June 20, 2011

The Game Sargents

This year for our annual sunday school picnic, My hubby and I volunteered to be in charge of the games.  It was last Saturday, and it was a blast and a half!  David Peterson from North Carolina had the lesson and with the kid's help, mixed up a batch of brownies.  His "secret" ingredient was wet dog food.  Ruined it!  That one little ingredient that ruined the brownies was like sin.  One little sin can ruin us for Heaven!  We need to be pure!  But that's impossible: "For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God" it says in Romans.  The Lord Jesus died on the cross to pay the punishment for our sins.  When he died, he took our sins upon himself so we can be presented pure to God.  Have you found out your sins are taking you to Hell and you need to be made right with God?  Accept the gift of His Son!!  Okay, so this post was supposed to be about relay games, but how could I not help but share David's message??  It's such good news!!!!  So on to the games! If you're looking for some fun relay games to play, read on for some great ideas (I can't take credit since we scoured the internet for games and compiled the materials for what we thought looked like the the funnest ones!)
The key to having a successful (successful to me translates EVERYONE HAS FUN - with a large dose of competitiveness!!) is to have enthusiastic leaders.  The enthusiasm will overflow to the participants.  Pictured here is Leader Josh, running the line, slapping high fives, and gettin' everyone in the spirit!

The Jigsaw Puzzle Race:  The middle was already put together, which left all the edge pieces in a pile next to the chair.  Each person had to run down to the chair, fit a puzzle piece into it's rightful spot, and run back so the next in line could go.  First team to complete their puzzle wins!

The Marble Race: Everyone had a paper towel roll cut in half the long way.  There was one marble.  The person who started with the marble had to roll it through their "trough" to the next person's and all the way down the line.  As soon as it went though your trough, you ran to the front of the line to keep it going all the way until you cross the finish line.  It was much harder than it looked!  (note: we couldn't gather quite enough paper towel rolls, so we taped some toilet paper rolls together, and also used wrapping paper rolls).

Sponge Race: There is a bucket of water at the starting line.  First player fills the sponge with water, runs to the finish line where there is a dish and squeezes all the water into the dish and runs back.  Then it's person number 2's turn.  Team who fills their dish first wins!

Hoola Hoop Race: Team members stand in a circle and hold hands.  Hoola Hoop is placed in the middle.  The Leader must pick up the hoop with his foot and it must get passed all the way around the circle with nobody breaking hands!  First team to make it all the way around (it went fast so I would suggest going around and back) is the winner.

Baseball Bat Dizziness: Run to the finish line.  Pick up bat and put your forehead on it and spin around the bat three times.  Run (or attempt to run!!) back to your team so the next player can go.  Each person sits down when completed so you know who's done.  First team all done wins!
I had to add this picture to show you that even Angelina from HOUSEWIFE EXTRAORDINAIRE joined in the fun.  Okay, that was the understatement of the year.  Don't be fooled by her blog - She was a WILD WOMAN!!!  She must have had competitiveness bottled up inside since she moved out of her parents house with her three sisters and decided to pop the lid off for the games!!
Balloon Race: Run to the finish line and back with a balloon between your legs!  You will need extras ready to replace all the balloons that get popped!
The Balloon Sandwich Race:  Another balloon race - grab a partner and place the balloon between your backs.  Partners must make it to the finish line and back without dropping, popping, or touching the balloon.
Oldie But Goodie: The Three Legged Race.  We used a gunny sack rather than tying legs together, but either way works great!  Check out the determination of David (and that would be the preacher from North Carolina who eats dog food brownies!) and D'Angelo's faces!!

And then of course the yearly tradition: TUG OF WAR!  We had to use it for a tie-breaker between the two winning teams, but then it's always kids vs. adults and of course, the kid's always win!!!  Wut up wid dat?!!!!  We managed to round up some more adults to have a second go at it and finally managed to pull those little munchkins over to our side!!!!  Fun was had by all and healthy  competition was oozing all over the place, which in my book equals SUCCESS!!!! :)

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