Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Got Gold Frames?

Chances are you have some gold frames sitting in a box somewhere.  Or maybe even still hanging on your wall - gasp!   Seriously, they've been gold LONG ENOUGH!! 

Since I've been on a turquoise kick lately, I got out the spray paint and then as I usually do, brushed on some silver glaze to give it an aged look.

And remember, fitting a photo perfectly inside a frame is so old school.  Okay, maybe not, but this is how Marie would do it, right?  And since the silver frame didn't sell at the garage sale, I stuck in a new 8x10 of the fam (Since none of my family photos include our latest addition who is already over a year old!) and called it good!  Have you painted anything turquoise lately??       



  1. Love the frame! Turquoise is my favorite go to color!!!

  2. I too am on a turquoise kick! This is so pretty -- and so much better than the gold!

  3. I know now what to do with all those gold frames I have packed away! What kind of glaze do you use? Thank you so much for linking up!

  4. Oh yes I have! I am working on a bathroom makeover and have used turquoise as one of my accessory colors. I have spray painted picture frames, glass jars, and candle stick holders. I love, love that color up against bright white.


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