Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Green Retro Lamp Redo

I've tried to recover lampshades.  Well, sorta tried.  They scare the dickens outta me, actually.  Until I found barrel shaped lampshades!  FOR ONE DOLLAR EACH at the Jackson Resale Factory!!  Hello, easy-to-cover lampshades!!  Blue and yellow stripe wasn't all that bad, for maybe a little boy's nursery or something, but since I don't have a little boy nursery in my home any longer, they needed to get recovered!  More on that later.....

I got this pair of A.DOR.ABLE milkglass lamps.  The only paint that touched them, amazingly enough, was some silver oil based paint to cover up the dated looking dingy gold metal.

Left side done, right side not.
I hot glued this fabric - which I had JUST enough scraps from a different project to use - around the bottom and tucked it under, and unfortunately I didn't do that with the top but made a narrow band and hot glued that on.  Didn't turn out quite as smooth, so I wish I'd have gone with a nice clean finish like I did on the bottom BUT ALAS...  I didn't.   Now then.  Anyone need a cute pair of lamps?


  1. Ok, what I want to know is... how do you find time to do all these amazing things?!? It would take me probably a year to actually get around to redoing these lamps... and then a year or so once I started them until they were finished. So tell me... did you start these years ago?? ;)

  2. Clarabelle... ummm don't do the housework that needs to be done? haha!! And no, I usually put something out and finish it as fast as I can. Unless it's like the big non-barrel shaped shade that I started covering months ago and don't know how to so now it's just sitting there.... waiting for a light bulb to go off in my head!!

  3. Fabulous lamps! Nice work! Thanks for doing this blog. I absolutely love it!


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