Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shabby Shade

So I said I couldn't recover shades (exception: barrel shapes!), and this was one attempt.  Pfffff.  It sat like that a looong time and my mom even sent it out to the trash.  Nooooooooo Mother, nothing is unsalvagable!!!  How dare you!!  :)  So after deciding I could do nothing with it and that fabric that was glued on here and there, on over yonder, I ripped it off and started over.

Enter fabric that was pennies at St. Vincent De Paul.

I cut in into strips.  Lots of strips.

Sewed a wide stitch up the middle of each strip.  Which took a looooong time because I had to consult the manual on how to do a baste stitch (ummm, is that the term I want there?), which after reading nearly ever word, couldn't find it, so had to call my mom!  Why didn't I just do that first?  I dunno.  But I know for next time.  She's a sewing genius.  I'm a sewing moron. 

I pulled on of the threads at the end to make a ruffle and hot glued each strip on.  This is sooooo time consuming but the end results are quite worth it, I'd say!  Never throw an old lampshade away again, okay?  There is hope!!

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  1. Cute! I think it looks fabulous :) I yell at the machine the whole time I'm sewing! lol great job!

    Fancy Frugal Life

  2. LOVE!! I am in love ruffled lampshades! Like the vertical one's. Most that you see are horizontal, so I really like the unique-ness of your's. Thanks for sharing!

  3. great transformation :) i found you at tt&j. great job!


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