Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Easy Kitty Cat Cake for Lilly

Split cake batter - chocolate of course - in two round cake pans.  Bake. When cool, flip them out upside on a plate.   Cut out a piece from the top to make ears, and round it out.  I cut out the ear shapes from the butter paper and cut around them.  Which as you can see, I also did for the mouth area.

Elbow your son's big noggin' outta the way while he tries to sneak frosting or just be a pain in the you-know-where.  I used Karly's awesome froster thingy-ma-bobs from Pampered Chef.  I need to get me some of those.  So much easier than the 20 year old cake decorating set I have.  They're plastic and accordion type things that you squeeze.  Nifty.  Lots less to wash!  Tobin, seriously now.  Get OUTTA THE WAY!

For detail stuff, I like to put the frosting in a zip lock bag and clip a corner off.  Better control, my fair one.  To get the dark brown color, I usually add some cocoa, but Karly didn't have any so we melted four chocolate chips, and dropped in 2 drops of blue food coloring, 2 drops of red, and 1 green.  I think that was the combo anyway.

And since you have another blank round cake, use your imagination and do something fun.  I did polka dots to match her birthday plates.  :)

And here is my beautiful little niece, Lilly, who turned ONE!!  (And she wouldn't even eat her cake!  No worries, my daughter ate it for her.)


  1. That is sooo cute! I love the cupcakes too!

  2. Great job Kams, you could open ANOTHER area of your business after your last two cakes, cake decorating!!! What say????

  3. So cute - and so is your son. hehehe


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