Monday, August 1, 2011

Homemade End Tables Before And After

I was out in Iowa a few weeks ago visiting my family and wouldn't ya know it but a retirement center next to my sister's house was having neighborhood garage sales.  I scored these for $1.50 each and the man said he made them himself!  Double Score! :) 
See them hiding back there? They did as good as the kids did traveling back to Michigan.  Thank goodness for stow-n-go seats!

The wonderful thing about them (besides the charming cuteness) was their was no finish on the wood.  I painted them white and then with a dark gray paint, stenciled the top and painted the knobs.

 The DIY Show Off


  1. Cute Stencil and I love that the fact that you can store things in the doors. Great find.

  2. $1.50 each!!! That's practically FREE. Great job on painting and stenciling. Reminds me of a French chair I found at a flea market while we were on a family was like a whole 'nother person in the car the whole rest of the trip.

  3. What a great deal, they turned out so darling!

  4. $1.50?!! Are you kidding me? They look beautiful!

  5. the look you gaev them is perfect and updated... the before scared me, but you worked your magic kammy touch!


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