Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tori in a tuque

We're on a little mini vacation right now.  As I type, the boys are swimming and Tori is napping.  I've already dried off for the 3rd time and didn't feel like getting wet again, so here I sit poolside on the laptop, uploading pics and came across this one of Tori, posing in a Kammy's Korner hat and I had to share.  (okay, okay, she  really wasn't posing - I had to chase her all over the house to snap this pic!)

Your little girl can also have one of these cute hats - just head on over to Kammy's Korner Store and purchase one for only $5!!!  My hubby bought me a new camera and I haven't figured it all out yet.  (As if I ever will).  But this photo is a little fuzzy because I'm learning, so cut me a lil' slack!  I hate learning new things.  Like getting a new cell phone - I was just figuring out my old one when Tim says it's time for a new one.  Now I've had my "new" cell phone for over a year and still only know how to make calls and text!  Tori, however, has managed to download all kinds of expensive applications!  Thankfully, our provider graciously removes them along with the charge...


  1. The little hat is so cute and Tori is just adorable! Have fun on your mini vacation!

  2. Sweet Tori and pretty hat. Enjoy your vacation.


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