Monday, September 19, 2011

Before and After Photo - Trey

Photo Before:
Okay, this little guy is cute.  Stinkin' cute.  Not just cute.  STINKIN'. Cute.  But those few things on the carpet distract from his gorgeous eyes.  And who's tan pants are in the corner?  You don't have to take your kiddo to the studio.  Just take a few minutes and mess with a photo you got!  This took all of about 2.3 minutes.  Cropped it, faded the edges, changed the coloring to sepia, and "cloned" the carpet over the toys and nameless legs. :)

Now we have nothing to distract us from this little darling!!!  Oh, and I use Roxio Photo Suite.  It's pretty uncomplicated, which is perfect for me!

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  1. You are amazing Kammy! You just took the most handsome guy ever and made him look even BETTER! :o) Grammy is so happy he has your little cuties as pals to play with!


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