Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Table Inspired by her Comforter

An old co-worker of mine is very creative.  This works great in her profession as a teacher!  I had the privilege of working with this wonder woman aka Kris (and believe you me, that's an understatement! or would that be underdescription since it wasn't exactly a statement? oh sheesh)  for two years in a Michigan School Readiness classroom full of rambunctious and wonderful four and five year olds.  Those were the days.  Practically straight out of high school, a newly wed in a new state, and I knew nothing!  Goodness, oftentimes I look back now at that poor teacher I was an assistant to and wonder if she felt like I was a burden rather than an aide!!!  Well, ANYWAYS, now I have rambunctious and wonderful little ones of my own!  And I love how Facebook reunites people.  Kris told me about a table she painted a hibiscus on that was inspired by the comforter on her bed and I said well shucks, that's right up my alley!  Send me some pics!!  She didn't, however, think to get a "before" shot of the table, but that doesn't really matter I guess.  Here is the Tommy Hilfiger comforter on her bed that inspired her: 

Sorry it's a little fuzzy, FB pics are so not good!!  Just wanted ya'll to see the super cute shape of this darling little table!  I think my mom has this exact same table, still in its shiny wood 80's glory. :)
And here's the delicate painted hibiscus painted on the to.I love how she striped the edge of the table!  Super cute, Kris!!!

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