Friday, October 14, 2011

And you thought McDonald's Dollar Menu was great!

I met my hubby for a lunch date.  Yeah, I know.  We went all out - he got two dollar menu items and I was spoiled and got a fish-o-filet.  Mmmmmm, my el favorito.  But that's not what I'm excited about today.  TODAY I GOT SUPER EXCITED because I looked down and saw this little sign by the cash register than said "McDonald's Halloween Treat Packs - 12 coupons for $1.  I had to read it a few times and then asked the employee.  So let me get this right.  You pay ONE DOLLAR and you get 12 coupons for free food?  Yep, guess that's how it work,s she replied.  I convinced Hubby this was a good deal.  He told the lady we'd take one. ONE?!  No way Jose, we'll take like 20 I yelled!  These would be great to give to the kids in your sunday school class, Honey!  Tobin could give these to his classmates with his valentines...  oops, wrong holiday.  At any rate, you're paying 8.3 cents per food item on the coupon.  Each treat pack contains coupons for: 3 free apple slices, 3 free small apple juice or white milk jug, 3 free hamburgers, and 3 free small cones.  One per visit.  So hey, send each kid up with their own coupon. :)  I don't care what you say, TIS A SWEET DEAL!!!
 When we sat down to feast on our McHeart Attacks my hubs looks at me and says, you realized you just bought 60 hamburgers right?
 This is what happens when you suck the juice out of glow sticks.   It's the perfect look for Halloween.

p.s. As I excitedly pulled out my stack to exclaim this amazing deal to my in-laws, they read the part where you have to be under 12 to use these.  Well, if I put my hair in two braids I've been told I look like a kid.... Hamburger, anyone?


  1. I think you got a great deal! and I love you in GREEN!

  2. Just added your button to my Blog, thanks for your support!


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