Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"New" Sewing Station with Napkin Curtain

Feast your eyes on this big ole' Before!!
This was a BEAST.  Still is a beast I guess, but a tamer one.  Much tamer.  Picked it up for $15 at a garage sale, and we used this elephant for our computer desk for a few years.  If you can see the mismatched boards on either side, it's because my hubbers thinks he has to have a ginormeous computer monitor and it wouldn't fit under the desk top.  And actually, he bought an even BIGGER monitor last year but I had to sit about five feet back to see the whole thing or I'd go googly eyed and so I put my little foot down and made him take it back!  Ridiculousness, I tell you! :)
It now has a new home in my new craft room!!!!!  My storage drawers on wheels fit perfect under it, so when I want to use my sewing maching, I can just wheel 'em out.  And I LOVE having a spot to keep my sewing machine - it means I might actually use it!  Otherwise, I lugged it out of it's hiding place in the closet when my whiz seamstress mom came to visit and had her do most of my projects for me!  Hey mom, I bought this fabric for a skirt... I need some new curtains in my bathroom...  Please hack 14 inches off the hem of this dress so it doesn't drag on the ground...
So having those storage drawers under there was the perfect spot, but it sure wasn't a real beautiful sight.  I went rummaging through my fabric and found these napkins - bingo! The right greenish color, AND EXACTLY THE RIGHT SIZE when laid all out together!  I couldn't believe my good fortune.  I honestly paid 25 cents for ALL of those cloth napkins you see pictured above.  This garage sale was practically giving their stuff away.  The kind we all love, or course!
I sewed all the napkins together, making an opening across the top and slid a tension rod through.
Mmmph!  So happy!  Love it when things work out like that!
Can't wait to reveal the whole craft room!  It's not totally finished yet, but I'm sure enjoying "crafting" in it already!!!  (Click HERE to see the little red stool's before and after story).
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  1. I love it! Your sewing machine is pretty too! Great job :)


  2. Wow,great job! I didn't notice the grey board in the back before,but the white makes it really pop out. I can't believe you sewed all those napkins together,that is definitely knowing how to make something nice with what you already have.

  3. I love what you did with this! The skirt is a great addition, and your chair, I love it!

  4. awesome!!! HUGE improvement! what a great idea, too, kammy!

  5. Very nice and clever redo! JUST commented on your desk then I bumped into this entry for your selection for a linky party--it's a small world!

    Visiting form The Shabby Nest Linky Party,
    ~Suzanne in NW IL

  6. Wow I need a craft/sewing room like this! I might actually do something with all this stuff I have been hoarding-before they put me on that t.v. show!


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