Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yay or Nay on the Tea Cart Redo?

This tea cart made the rounds in my circle.  Well, the generation older than me's circle.  (Don't kill me, guys!)  I was thrilled to inherit it.  And even used it for quite a few months "as is".  It seemed to be crying for it's sins (glass rings, etc) to be washed white as snow, so I gave it a few coats of white and 'polyed' the top.  Then something better came a long for the spot I was using this (click here to see the Biblical Harlequin dresser that took it's spot) and now I have no home for this tea cart.  
I wanted to do a graphic on the top, but alas, had no transfer paper.  Then was going to modge podge a bird on, but chickened out.  Ended up stenciling on this verse.  Now I'm thinking it doesn't look so hot.  At least should have had the words closer together, or maybe off center, or SOMETHING.  What do you all think?  Does it need another makeover or is it okay like that?  Thing is, you gotta have it turned a certain direction to read it...  I just plain wasn't thinking.  And I with a snow day today, I had three little munchkins all wanting me to check out their art work while they painted along side me in the craft room.  Ohhhh dear.  You know what paint, water, and a 1, 3, and 5 year old do when they're all together?  Sure you do. :)
Maybe I'll just stick it on Craigslist as see if there are any takers before I change it up again!  What think ye?
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  1. Why did you chicken out when you were going to put a bird on it??? :)

  2. writing doesnt always work on the top of a table since items will be placed on it and it may seem awkward

  3. You did a good job, but perhaps a graphic would have worked out better...I found the best thing about paint is you can always paint over it!

  4. i like it... but think it needs a little "age ing" make it look a bit more shabby... I use dk walnut stain when I do this... otherwise I think its cute! good job
    ~ Elisha at Grown By Grace blogspot

  5. What a wonderful way to salvage a piece that means so much to you. I think that would look great with my shabby chic look. Well done!

  6. Kammy, This cart is such a great piece! I wish I could have would be great as a utilitarian piece in my craft space. I do understand the dilemma. The quote is a good one though! Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a sweet, fun comment! I love that.


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