Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boot Facelift With Help From The Dollar Store

Super cute embellished boots, eh?  They're my mom's.  Mine are still plain Jane.
 Here's what mine look like, and what Mom's did look like:
We both loved the plain, comfy boots and each bought a pair last year at Christmas time.  Okay, actually she saw how cute they were on me and decided to had to copy her daughter.  She doesn't want to own up to her age just yet.  Neither do I, since I'll be 29 again this February!  Annnnyway.... this year, I come home and she's all excited about her embellishing ideas. I didn't even have my suitcase in my room yet and she's dragging me into her sewing room, tripping on invisible clutter.  "Bows?!!!"  Buttons?!!!  Buckles?!!!  Blossoms!!!!"  Yes, I voted for the blossoms.  Says me mom, "I'm pretty clever with all them "b's" aren't I?!"  Yes, mom, you are so clever.  Wow. Haha.  (If you could see her right now, she's hanging over my shoulder with the most ridiculous commentary you ever did hear and laughing her head off!  Wow.)  :)
Mom snatched up these flowers at the Dollar Tree in the lil' sock section of all places and used her daughter's line "hmmm might use these on something some day".
They were on a suede ribbon so I just snipped off the ends and hot glued them on.  Took a total of probably 48 seconds.  Seriously.  Now what should I do with mine??  I don't think the Dollar Tree would still have these...  

I hope everyone had a wonderful, MERRY Christmas!!!  My family and I sure did!  Perhaps I will share a few photos in the el future.  My horizons have widened.  Physically....  I think I'll join the myriads of other folk this year with the new year's resolution of "gettin' thin and fit!"  Peace out, ya'll!

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  1. Now those turned out super cute! Love those quick projects with instant gratification!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! wish I could just have you make me a pair & I'd buy them off ya size 8 lol :)


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