Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chevron Side Table

My bad.  Forgot the "before" picture.  You'd think I'd remember that by now!  This table I think I paid $5 for at a garage sale.  Didn't even notice the drawer was missing until I got it home!  And since my sweet hubby came home the other day bearing gifts from Lowes for me... he must have done something wrong and I just don't know it yet... just kidding!  I think he really was being a sweetie!  We'd just attended the Gary Chapman marriage seminar so I guess that might have had something to do with it.  Anyway, he bought me my very own jigsaw!!!!  So much better than a dozen roses that are gonna die, I tell ya!!  I used my nifty new jigsaw and sawed the missing drawer support out.
Ty was infatuated with the jigsaw (especially since a saw is on his Christmas list this year, oh shnikeys) and super excited that I had made a wooden "T" just for him!
I painted it with some leftover gray paint from who knows where and used a chevron  stencil I made to do the white design on top.
I also used my stencil brush with some white paint on it and lightly brushed it on the edges and in the grooves and details of the legs.  Then with a wet wipe in my hand (since we have those in plenty around our house!) I rubbed it in/off/around......

It's always an added bonus to have nice legs.  Human or home furnishings.
And there she is.  I think I like it.  My second chevron project.  This one however, will be for sale since I'm not sure I have a spot for her!!!  Anyone interested in the J-town area?  Get at me.


  1. Gorgeous! I heart me a good chevron :)

  2. Gorgeous! As always you did a beautiful job Kammy :) Congrats on the new jigsaw too, what a sweet gift! I might just have to send this link to my know, just for inspiration :)

  3. Beautiful! Are you coming this way for Christmas? :)

  4. Great job, wonderful transformation. It looks better without a drawer.

  5. that is so fun!!! i love those colors!

  6. This came out so great. I love using leftover paint, you never know when all of those little odds and ends are going to come in handy! Nice job!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  7. I love this table! Fabulous job Kammy!


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