Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lamp for Lilly Before and After

We were on the Parkade anyway.  Why not go to St. Vincent De Paul while we're here, I asked my non-junkin' sister.  I managed to convince her.  After five minutes of being in there, my prissy sister's nostrils stung so bad she had to wait outside for me while I paid for all my treasures.  But I found this lamp for a few backaroos and knew exactly how I wanted to paint it for my darling little niece's baby room.  It'd match her nursery perfect!!!  Here is the before: 
Can you believe this is the second such lamp I've had in my possession this year?  I found one in perfect shape in some curbside trash with a matching bumper pad and other accessories.  I sold the lamp at my garage sale.  Anyways, Lilly's room is a bright, jungle themed room.
I went with yellow, because it was the only bright color of spray paint my I could find in my mom's house.  I concentrated on just elephant and the base, because I figured the elephant would be the hardest to get a paint brush to.
I'm not real great at recovering lampshades with fabric, and leaves seemed to go with the jungle theme.  These are just hot glued on, two rows.  I just folded the tops over the top of the shade. 
 And now for the finished look:
Looking at these pics, I totally should have sprayed the white part of the lamp brown.  Would have looked like the bottom of the tree!  doht.... 
My mom painted the zebra canvas last year, along with a giraffe, lion, and elephant.  Hope this lamp is just another reminder to you out there - never look at something for what it is, but what it could be!!

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