Saturday, December 10, 2011

Personal Chalkboards

Chalkboards make a fun Christmas or birthday gift!  I did this with a frame I had on hand and  some glass for my niece's birthday.
I decided it would be fun for the boys do have their own chalkboards so I started with these pieces of free glass I got while out junking this summer.  They had been in a dirty barn a looooong time!  
I painted them with my homemade chalkboard paint.  Click here for my easy recipe!
Then when I measured the glass, I realized it wasn't 8x10 as I assumed, therefore didn't have any frames for the odd sized glass!  I begged and pleaded with hubby and he found this hunk of plywood out in the barn and cut it up into rectangles for me.
Tobin wanted his to be red.... and true to first-born style, he painted about an inch around the outside and the edges, just as instructed.
Little brother, however, painted everywhere but where I said needed paint!  Then got tired of painting, scampered off to pester his sister, and left me to finish it.  Does't the look on his face tell a lot?  Yeah.
We used wood glue to glue the painted glass pieces onto our plywood and they turned out like this:
Now there is no arguing over chalkboards!  I take that back.  "Ty's writing on MY chalkboard!!!  Ty erased my picture!!! " And on it goes.....  haha
I made one too.  Rolled fabric flowers and jute around the edge of the glass finish it off.  
I tied a piece of chalk, so you're not looking for it when you need it.
close up of the jute. I did some fun chalkboard windows as well.... but will save them for another day!  Have a great weekend!!!
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  1. Enjoyed your chalkboard post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So cool! Love the flowers on it:) Thanks,Deidre~ Http://

  3. Kammy, I love these fun chalkboard gifts. And to get your kiddos involved makes it even more fun!
    I featured your chalkboards on this week's Terrific Under Ten Tuesday!

  4. Love the chalkboards! they are so cute!


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