Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas sale candy, junkin' and more... in Iowa

I wanted to be in bed by 11:00 tonight so I'm going to make this SHORT!  So I'll just give a brief description of each picture to tell my story... :)
I've discovered that Hobby Lobby is THE place to go for candy after Christmas.  66% off makes for some cheap M&M's!!!!  So you know what you do?  Sort the red and green (or have your kids do it) and use the red M&M's for Valentines Day and the green?  Well you can just eat them.  Haha.  Or save them for St. Patty's day if you're into that!!  (Thanks, Heather!)  This isn't even all the candy I came home with.  We ate some.  I weighted what I brought home and it was 14 pounds!  wowzers!  MMMMMMMMMMM.
Then these knobs and drawer pulls I had been drooling over last time I was in Hobby Lobby were also marked down to 66% off!!!!  Oh yeah, I scooped them ALL up!  They were like $1.50 or something like that.  HELLO!!!!   What shall I do with them?  Who knows!
I found my knew favorite store in Iowa.  Trinkets and Togs in Waverly.    I got a major HAUL there.  Like these owls for example (which I've already painted white!).
And mugs in my favorite color for 50 cents each! Good bye to the hodge podge of #1 Dad  mugs.
I also got some GREAT duds there, like this Iowa Hawkeye shirt!  And a  brand new looking pin stripe suit for my son, and some other stuff.  No, I didn't even wash it before I wore it.  I'm so disgusting!!!
This tall vase....  can't wait to paint it....
and these ornaments I bought for the collection of turquoise ones in there!  Oooo la la! 
Then a highlight of my trip - I got to spend a WHOLE afternoon with Laura from Our Prairie Home (check out her blog, she is an amazingly creative lady and has tons of beautiful ideas!!) and we had a blast hitting up junk stores in Waterloo!  You can read about our adventures on her blog HERE.  Just a few of my finds:

And then there's the MART.  You see up there at the top of the picture?  Piles, and piles, and piles of chairs.  The sign says thousands of chairs, and they aren't kiddin'. 
Here's a shot of the outside.
This is what greeted us when we opened the front door.  This was the widest path in the building, except maybe the main one down the middle.

And there's cutie Laura, haggling away with the owner over some doors, and workin' her charm.  He doesn't want to part with his things too badly...  everything is a pretty penny!!  Laura's got much more to say on that. :)  (one minute till 11:00 - don't think I'm gonna make it!!)

I walked out with only a stool, which I talked him down from $20 to $10.... which I still think was high since it's busted.  But since I'm short, I shouldn't need to adjust it any taller, haha.  I needed something on wheels! 

Anyways, I got loads more, but that'll do for now.  Hopefully you're still there, this has got to be a record long post for the Korner!!!  Good night, ya'll!  I'm only 9 minutes over my goal......


  1. Well done on your finds and well done on (almost) making your goal. I do love the blue-green mugs:)

  2. LOL! AWESOME POST! Can't believe you're telling everyone about MY favorite store in Waverly. I got DIBS!!!! LOL!!!! You've gotta e-mail me those pictures! They're so good!!!!! Best time EVER and I cannot WAIT until you come back this summer. WOO-HOO! GARAGE SALES! Didn't realize you had taken so many inside "The Mart". Thinking about dragging Landon in there today. Probably better put his snow coat and bibs on him. HA! I really want some more peeling shutters. :) And I know that kidney shaped desk is still waiting for me in there! Such fun, girl! SUCH FUN! Love ya, Kammy!

  3. Kammy, I think I would have a full-on heart attack in the MART! Looks like a dream and could spend a few long days in there!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Luv the buys...wish there was a Mart over here I would go absolutely crazy!

  5. I saw that picture of the mart "piles" and my jaw dropped!! I love places like that, you know he kind that smell and if you move the wrong way, you'll get dust all over you...yeah those are the best. The one I go to here in Irving is like that but on a way smaller scale. Sammy calls it the 'asbestos' thrift store.

  6. Jeez, you made a haul! I stocked up on Hershey's chocolate covered cherry flavor kisses-we only have them in Mississippi during Christmas and Valentine's. I stck up fot the year when they go on sale!


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