Monday, January 16, 2012

Craft Room Reveal! All For Under $150!!

 I've always wanted a craft room.  Isn't that every crafty woman's dream?! A place just for them.  To create, make a mess, stash junk treasures.  I got my dream when we decided this house needed an addition last spring.  What was once our living room became an empty, abandoned room so of course I quickly laid claim to it!    Let's go through the zillions of photos here to see how it transpired, Beginning with it's current state, and then headin' on down the line of what it was to what it is now - YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Before the addition, it was our living room. It had many different looks during it's life as our living room, but here is the only one I have a photo of!  :)
Then this spring, all my crafting paraphernalia got "dumped" in here and it became my disastrous, unorganized craft room.
Pay attention to a few things in this picture.  Like the half mirrored ugly cabinet against the back wall.  It'll go through a transformation and become my favorite storage cabinet!  
I was so overwhelmed with the mess and all the awesome craft rooms out there in blog land that I enlisted the help of my stay-at-home mom friend Debra Lovell.  One day as we were chatting, I asked her if she could do anything to make money, what would it be? Without hesitation she responded "to design rooms for people!"  I said, "how would you like your first job?  I NEED HELP!!!!!!!" 
Debra set to work painting an awesome design on the ceiling and the woodwork gray, while we ripped out the carpet.  The green paint was leftover from Debra's house, and the gray was something I had on hand.
Now mind you, this house was built in the  mid 1800's so we weren't sure what we were gonna find!  We ended up using quite a bit of wood filler in the floor!  Then painted it all dark gray with paint someone gave me.
After we ripped out the carpet, there was a big gap between the floor and the trim that needed to be filled.  I told Tim it pays to be a hoarder and he should thank me.  In the barn was EXACTLY what we needed.  I painted the long pieces of wood to match the trim and he got busy with his nail gun.
Thanks, honey!  I think that was the extent of hubby's help in this project. :)
This is by far my favorite part of the room!  I found this chandelier in the Jackson Resale Factory for $12.  Debra gave it a good shot of red spray paint. 
The countertop and cabinets is another find from the Jackson Resale Factory, I think I paid $30 for the whole shabang.  They didn't exactly look like that when I got them, but using hardware and paint I already had, I spruced them up a bit.  Click HERE to see the before and afters of it.  I was asked about the little red garbage bin - it is actually plastic and was ugly brown.  Picked it up for $1 at a garage sale.  Click HERE for the before and after and to see how I glammed it up.

Debra's genuis idea of painting that thingy my bobber green and hanging it on the wall is also one of my favorite touches!!  She picked it up for $2 at the Jackson Resale Factory!!  (Click here to see a before and after of the tea cart).
There's the cabinet that was in the before pic - recognize it?!!!  It works great for storing all my scrapbooking paper , stencils, and other items.  Click Here to see the before and after and pics of the inside.  I also have a card display rack for the cards I make, Kam's Kards.  I picked that up for $5 at a garage sale a few years ago!!  Score!

And this beauty!!!!  I'd have probably passed it up normally, but I've been seeing them on some of my favorite blogs and knew I had to have it.  Can you believe I just snagged this wire basket jazz for $6 at the Jackson Resale Factory on Saturday?  Yup, that's right, just two days ago when I was out showing Heather from Design With Life all my favorite junk stops in Jackson (she was visiting with her family from Iowa - woo hoooo!!) we came across this - and lots more! :)  It's  a great place for fabric.  I don't have to do as much digging with the open metal sides.  Ryan, you are the man.

My sewing station.  The doors came off the top so I had to quick sew some curtains with fabric I found for $1.50 at Wal Mart on Saturday.  I hung them on extension rods.  The green curtain is made from cloth napkins I sewed together and hides my totes of silk flowers and hair accessory-making-stuff. For a before and after of the desk click HERE and for the stool click HERE.
Debra's sweet hubby made these shelves out of old wood from our barn.  I took him out and showed him the pile of wood scraps and he found what he needed.  I love the rustic look of them!
If you've been a follower, you'll no doubt remember the horrible "before" pic of this shelving unit!  haha.  It was a $5 find from the Jackson Resale Factory.  Oh, and the Cameo perched on top?  My Christmas present from my hubby!!!!!  YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rug is an IKEA find - just $20!!!  Oh, and the antique school desk I picked up for $8 a few years ago?  It's had a few looks: click HERE to check those out.

And you know what?!!  I would have stayed UNDER $100 if it hadn't been for the curtains!!  I bought the fabric at Jo Ann's for 40 or 50% off and the curtain rods at Dollar General.  Yup, cheap and cute!  Dollar General is the place to go for curtain rods!!!  Who knew?

Hope you enjoyed the craft room reveal!!!  Phew, I'm glad that post is done! Haha.  Thanks so much Debra for all your awesome ideas.  Contact me if you live in the Jackson, MI area and would like her help, I'm sure she would love to! And thanks to Heather for helping me get this room ready for it's reveal and photo shoot this weekend.  To think you drove 8 hours for it!  haha.  It was great being with you and your family!!  Check out all the printables on Heather's blog Design With Life.  You'll be glad you did.  And don't forget to come back tonight to link up your Trash To Treasures on our party here!!!
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  1. Kammy, wow! I am in love with the pops of red in there! and am sooooo jealous. I will have to craftily live vicariously through you and that room for inspiration :)

  2. KAMMY! THIS IS FANTASTIC! Totally LOVING IT! WOW! I am super jealous! Love, love, LOVE the colors, the shelf, the cost, the everything!!!! Holy cow, I need to learn to shop like you! It looks great girl!!!!

  3. WOW! I love your craft room. I can't pick a favorite. I love everything you did.

  4. WOW WOW WOW!! What an amazing room, such a gorgeous transformation! You are one lucky girl to have a great friend like that :) I am dying over all the colors and how jealous I am that you have such a fabulous craft room!!

  5. What an awesome craft room. I love the transformation. That chandelier is super cool. What a great place to be creative.

  6. It looks wonderful, well done!

  7. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!! I ABSOLUTELY love it all and WHAT a long way it has come!!! WOW!! You've inspired me with some of the items in the room and I also have to ask what the red (trash can??) bin is under the desk? It looks awesome but I wondered what it was exactly.
    LOVE IT!!

  8. Omg...I don't know what part if my favorite, cause it's all GORGEOUS! That shiny new chandlier...the gray & white framed hanging, those vibrant colored knocked it out of the ballpark!

    Great Job!


  9. I so dream of having a room like this! My baby is 17 and the plan is when she decides to flee the coop...I will inherit it as my craft space. It is oddly enough in the same color pallet of citron green, black and gray. I have been stock piling bins and organization treasures for years.I am so excited...thanks for renewing my hope that it will happen.

  10. Very well done! (Debra is my niece, and she's always been creative!)

    One site you've GOT to check out, if you haven't already, is: You really need to post your things on there!! WARNING: It's a fabulous site, which can consume many hours, but I would suggest only visiting the DIY and Crafts (under Everything), as there are some not-so-nice things on the other parts of it.

  11. Looks familiar! :) Love it! And wish that was in my house!! Happy crafting~

  12. What a great craft room and for under $150, amazing. Sure wish there was a Jackson Resale Factory near me. Happy crafting in your new space.

  13. love the chandy and ceiling!! Your friend sure gots skills!

  14. Good job! The change is amazing. I think my favorite thing is your desk. I hope you enjoy your new space!

  15. Love this..can't believe you did it for so cheap!

  16. What a great upgrade! And $150 is my kind of room budget!!
    Have you had a chance to check out our little Challenge? It's not too late to join. If you have a second, check in at to learn more, and feel free to email me if you have any questions!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog = your newest follower

  17. can you pls give me Ryans #?
    Beautiful work...inspirational!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  18. What a transformation - and what a gorgeous space! I have a craft room, but it looks nothing like yours (I sure wish it did)... maybe someday soon I can take care of that. Thanks for the inspiration. :D

    I've just started a blog hop theme and would love for you to come by and join in the fun @ Tranquility & Turmoil

    - Eve

  19. Wow! this is so impressive! I can't believe you did it all for under $150!! Teach us your ways :)
    I am popping over from the Miss Mustard Seed linky party.

  20. Wow is right - that is one impressive makeover! GREAT great job! Love your colors and contemporary style. I would so enjoy crafting up some goodness in that inspiring room : )
    Jaimee @

  21. One more thing, you better padlock that fabric cart, I might steal it the next time I'm in your neighborhood. Guess you have about 7 years to get ready though :)

  22. Wow! What a great room! It looks so cute and creative.

  23. Love it, Love it, Love it... I love the colors you chose. The wire basket you found is awesome. It reminds me of an old grocery cart. I will have to keep my eyes out for one of those. Great Craft Room redo!

  24. Love it...that looks fantastic. Come do mine! lol

  25. ***GASP***Oh the fabulousness!!!!! I looove the color scheme you went with, and the huge, open crafting space you can now call your very own!!!! My gracious, I'd be so pumped if you'd come and link this (and any other projects you'd like to show off) to the Head to Head Showdown, going on right now at ~Jen

  26. Kammy, what a great job you've done! Can you come help me with mine??

  27. I absolutely love this! You did such an amazing transformation!!

  28. What a great room to create in! I am putting in a craft room in our basement. It's been a tremendous amount of work, but I know it will be so worth it in the end. Visiting from I Heart Nap Time.

    Have a great week!

  29. That chandelier can surely brighten up your tiring but productive day in your office! Congratulations on the new craft room! A well-done project! Cheers!


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