Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stenciled and Refashioned T Shirt

I ran (yes literally, since the kiddos and hubby were in the mini waiting for me in the parking lot) into the Dollar Tree the other day.  I was looking for scarves to make some ruffle scarves, but they only had one left!  Grrrr.  I noticed some large stacks of youth size T-shirts on a shelf and quickly rummaged through to find as many white larges as I could.  Didn't know what I'd do with them, but for ONE DOLLAR?  Something for sure!  I decided to try painting one and losing the T-shirt look.
To get rid of that T-shirtish look, I first cut off the neck, leaving one row of stitching.  I also did this around the sleeves, but just chopped the whole him off.
Then I traced around an oval shaped bowl with a pencil and cut  along the line.
Now here's what we've got.
Then I mixed up a dark purple with some acrylic crafting paints and used a light greenish gray and stenciled this design on, overlapping them slightly.
This is how it looks BEFORE I washed it.

I decided to wash and dry it in the dryer to see how it held up before I wore it.  It faded the paint quite a bit, but I kind of like the vintage-y look it gave it.  My mom said maybe I should have waiting longer than 3 hours for the paint to set!  And maybe try a hot iron on the backside of it to "set" the paint.  I'll try that next time and report back! :)

What do you have to lose?  Pull out an old shirt, or hit up Dollar Tree, and try it out!  Let me see what you come up with!! :)

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  1. I have a drawer full of dollar tree shirts...i have used them to cut up for crafts...cant buy fabric that do the best projects!! Love it!

  2. Love it Kammy! Looks great :) The boots are pretty awesome too!

  3. That is so cute!I have never bought DT shirts, I figured they would shrink to doll size or fall apart when washed.

  4. What a creative idea, I love your DT tee transformation. I want to make some of these. I love the stencil, is it a Martha Stewart one? You didn't mention if you added a fabric medium to the acrylic paint, it's good to use when painting on fabric.

  5. Really cute AND expensive looking. Watch for Walgreen's sales on adult Tee shirts, 5 for $10 and Micheal's, too. Make sure you wash new shirts first to get the sizing & chemicals out. It helps with adhesion of any paint products. Love your blog!

  6. Very cute! I also like the vintage-y look that washing gave to the stencils!


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