Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Pillar's Journey Continues...

When I get a new stencil, I tend to go a little wacko and run around the house wondering what I can use it on!  Since I happened to be at my mom's out in Iowa when I bought my zebra stencil from Hobby Lobby, well I went a little crazy at her place instead of mine. :)

Awhile back I blogged about where these pillars came from.... and where they are now!  Enjoy the journey once again, with the added glam of zebra this time around!
Yeah, they started at my wedding.  Do not laugh at me.  I'm one of those brides's that says "ugh, if I could do it again..."  haha! ( And NOT about the man, by the way!)
Then they got "marbled" with some gold paint and sat in various places around my house for years.
Finally, at the prompting of a brutally honest friend, they migrated to the warm sunny beaches of Iowa.    Just checking to see if you're still reading. 
A month ago, they had a five minute encounter with Kammy and her zebra stencil and are now daydreamig of roaming the jungles in Africa.  Maybe that's where they'll end up next?  Who knows!  Hey, my dad's next big adventure is supposed to be hiking Kilimanjaro - maybe he'll like it so much he'll buy a time share... ummm do the tribes out there sell time shares?  Okay, maybe a grass hut. 
I almost want them back.
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  1. LOL.....Be interesting to see where they go and what they look like next. Great idea on these.

  2. so glad you can just keep using them! love the new look!
    and i am one of those brides, too.... my style has changed so much! ok,maybe more like i actually have style now. ;)


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