Friday, February 17, 2012

Drive By End Tables

If you're an avid garage saler, you've done them.  The drive by.  You're kind of in a hurry, but it goes against every fiber in your body to just drive by the garage sale sign so you go by reeeeeal slow to "scout".  Then if you're like me you might holler out the window for  a price on some shabby looking piece of furniture, or do a mad sprint up the driveway while you're kids are chillin' - and hopefully staying buckled - in in the backseat.  While doing one of these "drive bys" I saw these two end tables and they were up for the dandy price of ONE DOLLAR.  Of course I'll take 'em!  They were kind of bulky and manly.  Didn't know what to do with them, so they got tucked into the barn waiting for inspiration to hit.
My parents who live out of state visit quite frequently.  Not to see me, mind you, but their precious, couldn't do anything wrong ever, grandbabies.  They decided once Dad retired that their little project when they came out to visit was to build a little cabin with the boys.  I'm SO excited that it's about 96% finished AND last time they were up over we got to go "shopping" for furnishings - in my barn!! :)  Yes, I have that much crap stuff.  The color is actually a little more aqua-ish but the sun wasn't giving me a good shot.  I mixed plaster of paris in with my paint and painted them both.  On one I stenciled "HAYES EST. 2011" (my parents last name) and the one pictured of course is my last name.  I didn't take a picture of the other one because I did the lettering at an angle and I think it just looks like I accidently didn't get it straight!  I'll see what Mom says when she comes.  After all, it's hers.  Oh, and in case you think we've newly weds and recently "established" it's for the year of the cabin.  I'm an old married woman - 11 years I've had this ring on my finger!  If you read yesterday's post, you know - He's a keeper. :)
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  1. What a clever idea, and an amazing transformation. Don't you just love what paint can do? God bless x

  2. Hahaha oh that garage sale drive by description is soooooo true! And my parents never come to visit me anymore either, in fact they usually insist on kicking me out of the house so they can have their grandkid all to themselves (not complaining, I totally LOVE this).

    Oh and I love what you did to those tables!!! Can't beat paying one whole dollar for them :)

  3. WOW! A buck? Congrats on the 11 years!

  4. They look fantastic! I love the detail that you added. What a deal! New follower here! Megan

  5. The price was right, but the before so wrong. lol You gave them a beautiful new life. Nice job.

  6. so cute! i love the beachy look and the colors!

  7. Love this idea! You did a wonderful job! Dropping by from the DIY Show Off Party.

  8. Sounds like fun grandparents! Love what you have done with the table!

  9. I have the exact same end tables and I turned one into a beautiful custom checker board and im in the process of painting a race track for my 2 sons.

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